Glee: Saturday Night Gleever - In two minutes - ‘She’s a stupid bitch, but it’s ok, you can fix this, by adding MiO!’

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Full Performance of Glad You Came

One day “watching Glee” will mean listening to an audio track while staring at a black screen with the occasional escaping pindot of light. 

Great performance, though.

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Immersive video - how it works

Condition One is a new app that uses the iPad to deliver interactive, immersive video. Here, Benji Lanyado demonstrates how it works, and showcases the Guardian’s first commissioned immersive video, shot in Tokyo. To view it, download the iPad app from Condition One at

• The Guardian’s Tokyo beta experiments

This is some next level stuff. Wait till it’s merged with Google Earth…

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Glee: Original Song - In two minutes

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Glee 3x05 Mash-Off

I can’t go for that/You make my dreams come true.

a.k.a. Finn vs Rory: Battle of Awkward Dancers Part 1 (Winner = Rory)

This was brilliantly awful—it managed to showcase everything that’s “wrong” with ND (in a competition sense) while being fun and fluffy and upbeat. The staging, choreography, costuming, video editing—all of these elements work together to build a sense of chaos, to show us that TT is in a different class altogether. Vocal Adrenaline performances served this function in previous seasons, but this season the example is much closer to home and positioned in such a way that we can’t easily perceive them as the enemy. If the TT return to ND (or the two groups merge under a new banner), it’ll be interesting to see what that change brings.


“I Will Not Move”, video on #OWS. It was only a matter of time before little bears made a connection between their position and the positions of transnational young folks speaking back to “austerity” measures.


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